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New Straits Times 07 april 2001

Pas willing to discuss Hadi's decree with Umno
Will do so in the proposed unity talks

PORT DICKSON, Sun. - Pas is prepared to discuss the Amanat Haji Hadi with Umno during the proposed unity talks between both parties.

Pas president Datuk Fadzil Noor said the party had tentatively agreed that the talks be held either tomorrow or Tuesday.

"It is up to Umno to decide. I do not know whether Umno is agreeable to the dates. If not, Umno can always fix another date for the meeting."

Speaking after opening the Negri Sembilan Pas convention at the Port Dickson Golf & Country Club here, he said Pas would be represented by 11 members during the meeting.

He said although the decree had been in existence for many years, it was surprising that Umno only decided to act against it recently. "So many years already ... only now Umno wants to study it. Prove where it has gone wrong Buktikan mana salahnya . Hadi Awang (Pas deputy president) also wants Umno to prove it.

If Umno wants to discuss about the decree in the meeting, we will discuss. Pas can explain," he added.

The issue of the decree resurfaced earlier this week following a ruling by the Conference of Rulers that political parties and organisations using the word Islam in their names should not deviate from the tenents of Islam.

Umno members had alleged that the Haji Hadi's decree had labelled them as infidels.


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