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New Straits Times 07 April 2001

Proton recalls 42,000 Perdanas for checks

KUALA LUMPUR, Fri. - Proton Bhd has recalled all 42,000 Proton Perdana models due to a defect in the front suspension system.

The move involves a component of the lateral lower arm, the lower ball joint at the bottom of the strut.

The company, in a statement, urged all Proton Perdana owners to bring their cars to the nearest authorised EON Service Centre for inspection from tomorrow (Saturday). The exercise, following a similar recall by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation of Japan, involves cars sold up to last month.

It said the exercise was a follow-up to one last September when Proton Perdana owners were invited to bring their cars in for checks on the suspension. The move, involving only the initial models of the car, saw nearly 1,000 units being inspected.

The Proton Perdana stable comprises the 2.0 XL, 2.0 XLI and the V6 models.

According to the statement, the possible entry of muddy water may cause the ball joint to rust over time. When this occurs, it may may register noise and affect handling under certain situations.

"Under extreme but rare conditions, the ball joint may become dislodged and could result in reduced control of the car," the statement said.

Proton said it was committed to ensuring that the level of safety of the Proton Perdana was uncompromised.

It also assured customers that steps would be taken to rectify the problem. "The inspection is to determine the integrity of that particular component, which, if detected, will be replaced at no charge," the statement said. It regretted the inconvenience caused.


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